My name is Latasha Holland and I am a licensed massage therapist and owner of Rhythm of Touch Holistic Healing services.

While living in Atlanta as a single mother, working as a bartender, I began looking for a way to add flexibility and extra income, so I can finish college and raise my son. It didn’t seem possible until I found my school, The Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA), in Norcross, GA. I knew that having a career in Massage would be just what I sought. What I didn’t know, is that ultimately it would be much more than just that. I didn’t just learn massage techniques, I learned about the mind, body, and spirit.

At that time, my school was the only certified school in Georgia, which made me a very proud student. I studied 927 hours total and was ultimately certified in Swedish, Sports Therapy, and Neuromuscular Therapy. Learning all about Reflexology and Polarity, my mind was absolutely blown at the healing power I felt I now held. After graduating in 2012, Meditation, nutrition, and positive energy became key to life as well as helping other people feel good.
Through continuing education, I expanded my skills by specializing in Swe-Thai and Thai Foot Massage. 

I opened Rhythm Of Touch in 2015 while living in Hinesville, GA offering all of my services in a cozy office suite. By using a variety of my modalities or simply integrating my skills, I take time to personally assess what ails you and find a treatment plan to help reduce, stress, muscle tension, sport injury, or simply help you relax.

While my days are mostly occupied with my now 4 beautiful children and my career in Real Estate, I take time to enjoy the simple things of life. You know, the free stuff, Love, Joy, and Peace. Although, There is always the beach and a good book!!!

I Believe In The Power of Healing. Thank you for trusting me.